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Written by Nathan

If you are looking for a new logo design, book cover design, webdesign or anything related, 99designs might be your best bet. 99designs is a design contest website where you will get up to 90 individual designs from multiple designers for the price of one! What sounds almost too good to be true is, in this case, true! You will publish your design brief and professional designers will be able to join your design contest and send you their drafts. You will be able to give direct feedback on each submitted design or even sort some of them out. Within a specified time frame you will be able to pick the winner of the contest. The designer will afterwards send you the finished design work and possible source files.

Using a design contest you will receive multiple very different design approaches which of course increased your chances of a perfect design tremendously compared to working with just one individual designer. Additionally 99designs even offers a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy with any of the designs.

Design Contests – What’s in for the designers?

You might ask yourself what’s in for the designers? Despite the relatively big competition in design contests, it allows even designers with a smaller portfolio to join in and potentially work on big projects which they normally couldn’t participate in. The design work will speak for itself, which attracts a lot of new and creative designers who really want to show off their skills.

Can it get any better?

Yes it can. With the Platinum package, 99designs will send only the very best designer elite to work on your project. Additionally you will get a dedicated project manager who helps you to find the right design. All in all I can highly recommend 99designs for all your design needs and it is definitely a great fiverr alternative.

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