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UpWork: The Best Fiverr Alternative Out There?

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Written by Nathan

One of the great fiverr alternatives around is UpWork (previously known as Odesk) with over 1.5 million (!) clients. On UpWork you can search for freelancers all over the world or of course also look for jobs if you have a creative talent yourself.

Are you looking for a great and reliable freelancer?

Searching for a freelancer is very easy on UpWork. You can search for specific skills like “Photoshop” or “Word”, sort the results by prices per hour, client feedback, hours worked on UpWork and much more. This gives you the best chances of finding the right person for the job. You can either set a fixed price for your project or pay hourly. This makes UpWork such a great place and a really great fiverr alternative. No matter if you’re looking for a programmer for your website project, a creative writer for your next eBook or a virtual assistant that can help you to conquer everyday tasks like writing emails, answering phone calls and much more, UpWork is one of the fiverr alternatives that really stands out. For fixed price projects, you only have to pay the full amount of money, if the project turned out to your satisfaction. Otherwise you can pay less or even don’t pay at all if the work was unacceptable. To make it even more safe you can set up contracts that freelancers have to sign digitally before the project starts.

Can’t find a freelance job?

UpWork is not only a great fiverr alternative when it comes to hiring people. If you’re a freelancer yourself, UpWork is one of the places you don’t want to miss. There are plenty of potential clients (in fact, over 1.5 million at the moment) around and it is a great opportunity for both established freelancers and beginners. It’s easy to search for jobs. You can easily filter the “job stream” and receive the best selected jobs daily. You can also subscribe to different job categories which makes it easy to find the right jobs for you. Joining UpWork is free, however there’s a free membership and a premium membership. The free membership includes 60 “UpWork Connects” which you can use for example to apply for a job. Most job applications require about 2 connects. That means you can apply for around 30 jobs per month which is pretty awesome. You will also be able to create a freelancer profile which will include ratings from your last job, a portfolio if you uploaded any files, jobs you’ve worked on recently and of course a short bio, profile pic and everything else that makes a great online portfolio for freelancers.

Overall, UpWork is a great alternative to fiverr and really good for both freelancers and company owners who are just looking for the right guy (or girl).

Trivia: Did you know UpWork and Elance belong together? That means the two biggest freelance platforms are basically one!

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