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Another Website Like Fiverr: Etsy

Fiverr Alternative Image - Etsy
Written by Nathan

If you’re into hand crafted and homemade stuff, Etsy might be the right place for you!

Buy & Sell Beautiful Handmade Goodies

Etsy is a¬†website like Fiverr that really stands out because of its huge variation of different items to be bought. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for super cool handcrafted leather cases for your smartphone, amazing wooden egg cups (yes, I’ve searched for them!), original artworks or anything else you could imagine, Etsy is your creative marketplace.

Searching for things on Etsy is really easy. You can use the filters to select one or more categories, set a price limit or simply filter the search results by color. It’s simply great what you’ll find on this website and it gives a real sense of individualism as a lot of items sold are¬†totally unique.

Finding Gifts On Etsy Is Easy

OK so Etsy is a website like Fiverr but what makes it really stand out among all the Fiverr alternatives? Gifts. Etsy is THE place if you haven’t found the right present for your spouse, best friend or family yet and it’s also so much fun to browse. What could be a better present for your big brother than a handcrafted corkscrew? Want to order some rare pumpkin seeds for your mom to grow in her garden? Some unique earrings for your girlfriend maybe? Etsy is your place!

Selling Things On Etsy

If you’re a creative person yourself: wait no longer! Etsy is a great place to promote and sell your homemade jam, handcrafted benches or anything else. There is a huge amount of people just waiting to buy your products and there is not really a better place on the web to do it. Etsy is a website like fiverr but not for services.

In my opinion Etsy is one of the rare places that hasn’t been discovered by the mainstream yet and therefore it still has this treasure chest feeling every time you open up the site. Enjoy!

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